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A magical, mindful journey

Support your own Wellbeing and
Raise your Energetic Vibration

Guided by Karen, this course is a magical mindful journey using reflection, mindfulness, art exercises and journalling, to support your own Wellbeing and raise your energetic vibration.

Karen has created a course that inspires, elevates and encourages.


Inside the course are directions and suggested materials, and the video takes you through the steps. You can pause at any time and repeat the course for as long as it stays published on the platform.

Presented by Karen Curran, Art Therapist, Counsellor and Artist.
Best for adults and young people 15+
Illustration detail of painting by Karen Curran

Course is hosted on the Ruzuko teaching platform.

NOTE: If you have done the Mandala Leaves Course, you  are entitled to a discount on this course. The coupon is given to you at the end of the Mandala Course. (Cannot be refunded or transferred).