Supportive Australian Bush Flower Essences ~ coming soon

Are you curious about the support that Australian Bush Flower Essences can offer you or your child?

Flower Essences come under the umbrella of vibrational medicine ~ which targets in its healing approach, the 'whole' person. Flower Essences are produced by imprinting a flower’s unique vibrational healing signature onto the carrier solution and are used to treat imbalances at a higher level, bringing about emotional and spiritual balance and well being in the whole person.

These Essences are unique formulations that have been blended using Australian Bush Flower Essences with rare remedial qualities, ecologically gathered in unpolluted, pristine wilderness regions of the vast Australian landscape.

Why flower essences?

Karen has been interested in, and studied bush flower attributes to do with vibrational healing for years.

She has also been illustrating incorporating bush flowers in many of her paintings.

With a practical understanding of how valuable flower essences can be to support us vibrationally - Karen is currently formalising her knowledge to be an authorised Practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Some people will like the combined essences offered, others will prefer the individual consultations where an essence combination is made up for you individually.


It is important to remember that the use of vibrational medicine is supportive, not instead of counselling or individual inward journeys.
Vibrational essences do not take the place of traditional medicine - but as they help balance the meridians and imbalances one one level, everything else starts working together. It is part of your holistic journey.

This is an exciting development and more is coming soon.

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