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There is information on this page that you may find helpful, or you may have landed here from the QR code on your flower essence product. A brief history of flower essences is on this page.

Dosage information is below.

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Normal Dosage 7 drops AM and PM under the tongue for 14 days or 28 days or until the bottle is finished.

Place 7 drops under the tongue and swirl around before swallowing.

Or you can add the dosage drops to a little water if you prefer and drink.

Tell me more about the essences ...

What are they made from?

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are vibrational remedies, and capture the life force of their origin flower within the water. That is, the flower energy is captured but without any part of the actual flower. The essences then work on harmonising and balancing our vibrational body to bring calm and balance.

Australian Bush Flower Essences are made from a mother tincture made by Ian White which has a microscopic amount of brandy in it to preserve the mother essence remedies.


For adults, the flower infusion is combined with the chosen essences, water and 25% brandy as a preservative. 
For children, the flower infusion essences do not have any added alcohol.
Karen makes the individual flower essences mindfully for each client using 25% Pure Vegetable Glycerine and Filtered Water, combined with 7 drops each of the mother tinctures.
Bottles can be made up as either 15mL (14 days) or 30mL (28 days).
The date the individual essence infusion is created for you is on the bottle label.

Is there an expiry date?
Although, with care, essences can last years when created with alcohol preservative, and vegetable glycerine preserved essences can also last a long time, each infusion is created individually. So they are meant to be taken at the time they are created for you for the following 14-28 days.
What they include may not be relevant in a year's time as your own vibrationary and emotional state changes.
It is recommended to discard any that have been subject to heat, or unused after 12 months.


What do the essences work on?

The flower essences work on the vibrational body - they do not affect any medications you are taking. The essences seek to help you return to balance your vibrations, emotions and sense of self in a gentle,  holistic way. Many clients find them helpful as an accompaniment to the inner work that they are doing through counselling or their own inner journey. To read more about a brief history of flower essences, go to this page.


Online Appointments
Short appointment consults for further essences are available (ie separate to counselling sessions), in order to top up, or create an individual supportive essence infusion for you. They require a detailed form to be completed and pre-payment.


If you have further questions about your individualised essence, please contact Karen.

Karen is an authorised Advanced Practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences.


The flower essences/infusions are supportive products and are not created to replace any medication you are currently taking. No guarantees are made on outcome - each person is an individual and their responses can be different.
Always seek medical help in emergency situations.

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