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'You are so much more than you imagine'

Many of you are finding the stresses of Covid-19, Lockdown, Restrictions and more very challenging.

I want you to remember that YOU do matter.
YOU do have worth and YOU are not a failure.

7 Oct: This section is new and is currently being updated this week. Please back soon.

Are you feeling a bit low?

Do you have any of these feelings? Or some? A lot? Or maybe just a little?

You are not alone. EVERYONE feels like these sometimes.
But it becomes a problem when you feel like this ALL the time.
And sometimes we have to ask for help from someone we trust.

There are some young people friendly links here if you need to connect and talk to someone.

Go to this section to read some inspiration to help you make inner change to feel better about yourself.

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Quick link help


KIDS HELPLINE  1800 551 800 

HEADSPACE 1800 650 890

BEYOND BLUE on 1300 22 46 36